140901 TVB STAR TALK Song Ji Hyo exclusive interview

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original source : youtube@andywong1986  
original credit : [HD1080p] cr: H.K J2 Entertainment News report.
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** will try to translate the video into English as fast as I could.

Finally a proper interview about <Emergency Couple>,
MC asks about how JH feel about Oh Jin Hee, 
JH’s similarities with OJH,
what are the difficulties while filming EC, 
how is the aura among co-actors,
how is the first scene (Big fight) shot,
What makes EC lovable by audience…

Also JH talks about filming both drama & variety show, 
her charisma (She is shy after talking about it … keke)
and thanks Hong Kong fans

She says a lot of “Thank you” in Cantonese and that is sosososo cuteXD

**I will try my best to make it into English asap